Playland Marine, LLC | Our Projects

For over 20 years, we have consistently developed an unparalleled commitment to our clients, crews, and equipment. 

DPNR Derelict Vessel Removal Project

  • Salvaged 18 derelict vessels from St John USVI from the 2017 Hurricanes

VITEMA, FEMA and US Coast Guard

  • Carried emergency supplies of food and water for VITEMA, FEMA and U S Coast Guard after Hurricanes Irma and Maria

Total Petroleum

  • Line handling for fuel ship in total’s mooring field
  • Captain/Hazmat certified crew and safety boat on the scene during all fueling operations. Regular pre-ship and post-ship underwater diving inspections (including photos, videos & written report)
  • Removal of flexible fuel hoses from the water every year for testing
  • Installation of new/tested flexible fuel hoses underwater
  • USCG drills on site for potential fuel spill scenarios. Replace chains underwater when necessary. Etc.

Propane Ship Offshore Support

  • Launch service provided
  • Crew transportation for coming & going
  • USCG inspector transportation to & from the ship
  • Provisioning & mail delivery to the ship
  • Towing yokohama fenders into port & back out to the ship
  • Diving work under the ship to clean all intakes
  • Diving work under the ship to plug a discharge for welding work
  • Underwater photography or video for all specific requests & work done under the ship

Line Boat/Push Boat/Boom Tender

  • Tow in docking lines & tie up the fuel ship at WAPA – after fueling, release the ship lines.
  • Tow in cruise ship lines & other large ship’s lines to the dock & dolphins in crown bay and home port dock – release lines when ships are ready for departure.

Hassel Island National Park

  • Researched and bush-cut the original trial/roads used on Hassel Island with help from the National Park and the St. Thomas Historical Trust
  • Constructed a new roof on the old cistern that serviced the steam engine for the railway
  • Grass mowing, weed whacking, spraying chemicals, and trail maintenance on a regular basis
  • Preserved and painted several old tools and machines used at or near the railway. Capped the old dock (which was damaged in the 2017 hurricanes) next to the Garrison House
  • Provided transportation for all school children on St. Thomas, and adults on weekends, to & from Hassel Island for a guided walking tour
  • Organized beach clean-up events for several different groups. Provided transportation for people, trash collection materials, and disposal of all garbage
  • Provided transportation for the workers/materials from Stone Masonry of St. John to and from the historical ruins where they were/are restoring: (Hassel Family Cemetery, Garrison House, Prince Frederik’s Battery, Lime Kiln, and Creque Marine Railway Seawall)
  • Library of Congress Grant for filming the island – We were asked to clear-cut all the smaller trees and thick, thorny bushes/cactus/ spiny grass down to the ground, and 30 feet away from every known historical site on Hassel Island. We worked directly with the National Park’s Archaeologists and the FBI Bomb Squad

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