Playland Marine, LLC | Our Services

Playland Marine, LLC., prides itself on providing safe and professional services for a wide spectrum of towing needs.

Our team is among the most experienced in the industry and we have the most skilled resources to help clients define, measure and successfully manage the journey.

For over 20 years, we have consistently developed an unparalleled commitment to our clients, crews, and equipment. We strive to increase the life of your vessel with the help of our services.

Commercial Services

  • Hurricane prep/general labor
  • Skilled marine labor
  • Drop off/pick up of ships crews
  • Consultations
  • Towing
  • Diving
  • Crew boat of offshore propane tankers supplying WAPA propane.
  • Tow boat
  • Pilot boat back up
  • Oil spill boom and hazmat response (clean up)
  • Boom tending
  • Boat haul out
  • Jumpstart
  • Bobcat operators
  • Marine salvage work
  • Drone recovery for caricoos and other marine-oriented UVI projects

Captain fees

  • Tour guide as needed.
  • Captain as needed
  • Standyby safety divers
  • Supply safety boat and security for total fuel at offshore mooring


  • Side/structure scanning in 3D
  • Depth soundings

Available Moorings

  • Elephant Bay
  • E & W Gregory
  • Honeymoon
  • Villa Olga

Boat / trailer rentals

  • Dive boat
  • Trailer
  • Power washer


  • Trail clearing for National Parks of the Virgin Islands.
  • Professional compass adjustment services and new Deviation Certificates
  • Marine Surveys
  • Yacht Loading for Shipping Companies
  • Vessel Shrink Wrap

Marine Services

Towing Services

  • On-water-assistance (locate and respond to calls from vessels that are in distress or that are disabled)
  • Subbase drydock staging (towing larger vessels into and out of the drydock)
  • Yacht transporter (towing of unrepresented vessels for staging, loading & unloading and docking)
  • US marshal requests for repossessions (moving a specific boat from point a to point b)
  • DPNR requests (temporarily relocate boats in the harbor (for fireworks, boat races, etc.)
  • Pilot requests (temporarily relocate boats anchored in the main shipping channel, if unmanned)

Vessel Assistance

  • Security in Harbor (crew placed on vessels 24/7 for watchkeeping when requested)
  • Jumpstarts, fuel drops, temporary mooring use, medical emergency transport, diving, etc.

Basic Diving Work

  • Propeller entanglements
  • Untangling fouled anchors
  • Mooring inspections/installations
  • Hull & running gear scraping/cleaning
  • Underwater pressure-washing
  • Thru-hull installations (in-water)
  • Photo/video inspections
  • Search/recovery of lost objects
  • Lifting/moving heavy objects underwater
  • Safety divers for hire, divers on-call for in-water emergencies

Salvage, Fire & Emergency Response

24/7 Rapid Response

  • Vessels or aircraft in immediate danger of sinking
  • Vessels taking on water
  • Vessels losing/lost propulsion/steerage
  • Drifting vessels or aircraft
  • Sailboat rigging failures offshore
  • Removing vessels that hit reefs/rocks/beaches/shorelines
  • Fire-fighting on the water
  • Fast water transport for medical emergencies
  • Search & recovery/rescue for missing people, aircraft, vessels
  • Response to various mayday calls in the territory
  • Fuel/oil/hazmat incident response and clean-up
  • Re-floating sunken vessels/aircraft & towing to safety

NRC (National Response Center)

  • Exclusive Hazmat certified clean-up representative for NRC in the USVI
  • Response to all hazardous material spills that may pollute the US Virgin Islands, the territorial waters, shorelines, and beaches

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